The Rising Sun Hotel, Auburn 2018 October Fest

Rising Sun Hotel, Auburn – Saturday the 27th.from 5pm

The Rising Sun Hotel in Auburn will be hosting a huge rock n roll reunion in their beer garden for the 2018 October Fest on Saturday the 27th.from 5pm.
The headline act for October Fest is an all-star band, Twilight Zone which features Peter Tilbrook from Masters Apprentices and John Bywaters from The Twilights who were the first two musicians to be inducted into the SA Music Hall of Fame.
Bring your deck chair and/or picnic rug and soak up the festival atmosphere. There will be drink specials, tacos, burritos, anti-pasto and cheese platters available and feature the
popular local Blenheim Goose Trumpet wines as a major sponsor.
Pre-booking your ticket online or at The Rising Sun Hotel will ensure you avoid disappointment for this huge rock n roll reunion and night out.
CONTACT: Andrew Cooper 0402 0497742